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The wonderful underwater photography of David Fleetham — 2012…THESE IMAGES ARE OUTSIDE OF PRINT NEWSPAPER SUBSCRIPTION DEALS.
Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fleetham/Bluegreen / Rex Features (1806941am)
Common / Day Octopus (Octopus cyanea) and diver. Hawaii
The wonderful underwater photography of David Fleetham — 2012
*Full story: http://www.rexfeatures.com/nanolink/hqcw There are a host of amazing things to see beneath the sea — as photographer David Fleetham’s stunning images prove. Documenting life beneath the waves, David’s images show the startling variety of life that can be found in the world’s oceans. From the weird and wonderful to the cute or fearsome, a whole other world lurks just beneath the surface. Photographing underwater scenes since 1976, David has captured on film the creatures that populate everywhere from the Pacific Ocean to the Red Sea. In the waters around the Galapagos Islands a hungry sea lion appears to swim through a tunnel of fish as it searches for supper. Elsewhere, in the sea off Maui, a green turtle swims just beneath the surface as an oblivious paddle boarder passes above and a Stout Moray flashes its terrifying teeth. David lives on Maui with his wife Denise and son Sean and has been in Hawaii for over eighteen years.

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